Want to Re-Designing Your candle Packaging? 5 tips to follow

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When you have used your candle packaging for many years, it could be the best time to re-design it. In order to grab the attention of new consumers, a new packaging is the 1st requirement of your candles.

Below mentioned five tips will help you to redesign your candle packaging boxes:

  1. Concentrate on the thing that actually Works

Have a look at your current candle packaging box. For how many years you are using it for packing the candles? If you change the candle packaging boxes, would people still recognize your candles? If it is so, then you should go for the small changes that will freshen up the candle box.

candle packaging

  1. Concentrate the things that don’t Work

Have a look at your current candle packaging box and determine what things doesn’t work. Is the candle packaging box is difficult to open? Are the graphics are so boring? Is the color of the candle box is not appropriate? Try to recognize these things before redesign the candle packaging box.

candle packaging

  1. Competitor work

Visit the stores where your candle packaging box is kept for selling and also look at your competitor candle packaging boxes and analyze the main difference between them and also examine the shopper’s behavior for a while. Which type of candle packaging boxes is more stylish for them and why? Also look at the other things such as color, graphics, size, shape, and ease of picking up and holding of the candle packaging.

  1. Target Market

Your re-design candle packaging are also totally dependent on your target market. You have to make sure that your candle boxes is appealing to your target market.

candle packaging

  1. New candle packaging Design

You have followed the above steps and now ready to draft your new candle packaging design. Discuss your thoughts, ideas with your designing team that are important to create a new packaging design for your candles.

Above mention things points will help you in redesigning your candle Packaging boxes effortlessly.


Creative Handmade candle Packaging – An Inexpensive approach

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Why is handmade candle packaging important? With a lot of competitors it is very important that your candle packaging can grab the attraction of the buyer’s people. Remember that the soaps you make are more expensive than the commercial ones. The difference in cost lies in the extra effort, dedication, time and skill that you have put into making your handmade soaps which are the very reason why your clients buy your products. The best way to get an advantage over the competition is by using creative packaging. There are many ways of packaging the candles, from simple to the stylish, modern and the conventional. Whatever way you choose to pack your candles, it is still matters how much time, care and effort you put on it.

Below mentioned are some candle packaging ideas and you can choose anyone according to what impression you want to convey to your clients:

hand made candle packaging

  • For easy wrapping the candle boxes, you can use the colored Japanese paper. However, you should first wrap your candles in plain white paper because colored Japanese paper have a habit of stain the item especially when in the moisture form.
  • You can go for the various wrapping papers with unique designs to make your candle box more attractive.
  • For the customized candle packaging boxes you can use plain white paper and just stamp it with your company logo.handmade Christmas boxes
  • To make your candle packaging boxes more stylish, chic and awesome you can use different decoration materials like clothes scraps.
  • It is also important to decorate your candle packaging boxes with ribbons and lace.
  • You can design your own tags instead of a plain one for your candle boxes and attach it with a ribbon or string. The second option is to use your business card as a tag.

Above mentioned unique candle packaging ideas will make your candles stand out and will also show the effort and care you put to make the candle boxes more attractive. An eye-catching candle packaging box will definitely have an edge over the competition.

How to Make Sure Your candle Packaging Is Safe

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Most people tend to focus on the appearance and design of their packaging, and while those are important aspects, they are not the only considerations. In order for your packaging to be successful, you also need to consider functionality and safety. In fact, safety is one of the most important factors for quality packaging. An unsafe product could harm you, your employees, or your clients, and no matter who is hurt, it could be a huge setback, both financially and in terms of brand image.

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Food Safety

If you sell a food or beverage, you will have to ensure that the packaging meets all federal guidelines concerning it. Although there are many specific factors you need to look into to ensure legal requirements are meant, the general rule is that the packaging cannot contain harmful chemicals or other items that will be harmful to the person who eats the food or drinks the beverage. The easiest way to make sure your food is packaged safely is to do so is to create the packaging through a reputable company with experience creating food packaging. This will ensure that the containers and other items meet all federal regulations and keep your customers safe.

Child Safety

Another key element of safety applies to all types of packaged products, not just food and beverages. This is child safety, one of the most important factors to be considered when creating packaging. It is not necessarily possible to create packaging that won’t harm a small child, but it is possible to minimize the possible dangers by limiting plastic, hard or sharp surfaces, and small parts. You should always place a warning label on the packaging that may not be safe for children to prevent injury and lawsuits.custom packaging boxes

Safety During Production

Don’t forget to consider the safety of the team who produce the packaging as well. This simply means that you should be sure to hire a reliable packaging manufacturer, as it will have a safe production space that reduces the risk of injury to the workers there.

Preventing Product Damage

While safety concerns are mostly related to people, you do also have to consider your product as well. If the product is fragile, then you must be sure to package it in a way that keeps the product safe from potential damage. No matter the product, you also want to keep it safe from extreme temperatures, poor weather conditions such as rain, and other issues, like being dropped on or squashed.

Minimizing Safety Concernscandle packaging boxes

It is possible to address each of these safety concerns individually or assign someone on your team to take care of them as a whole. The most effective method of minimizing safety concerns, however, would be to work with a packaging manufacturer that you can trust. It will have experience following any federal regulations, create high-quality packaging that protects the product and maintain a safe and organized work area, making the job of ensuring safety much simpler.

How to Avoid candle Packaging Problems That Can decrease Your Sales

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Creating a product that will sell is more than just designing and producing the product itself; you also need to be careful with the packaging. While any box or container can hold a product, not all will have the same reception among the public. That means that as a business owner or product designer, you need to pay careful attention to your packaging designs and layout, as even the smallest mistakes can have dire consequences in terms of sales.

Be Smart with Design

The very first thing you have to do to avoid packaging problems and losing sales is to be smart about your design. Remember that you don’t want your packaging to be generic. If it looks just like everything else out there, clients will have no reason to pick your product over the others. At the same time, don’t try too hard to make it interesting. If the packaging has too much information or claims or is long-winded, customers may see it as confusing. Instead of spending the time to figure out your product and its package, they will simply pick a competitor with clearer packaging.candle packaging

Make It Easy to Open

One of the most recognized complaints in the packaging industry is when a product is too hard to open. The classic example is a pair of scissors that is sealed in plastic so tightly that you need another pair to open it. If customers notice that they won’t easily be able to open your product, they probably won’t buy it, unless they know for a fact that it is significantly better than the competition. While it is possible that you will sell a hard-to-open product to a particular client once, he or she isn’t likely to buy it again.

Pick the Right Sizecandle boxes

It may seem simple, but packaging that is too large or too small can impact your sales. Some customers want compact packaging that will fit in a bag without a problem. Others prefer large packaging that is hard to lose or easy to open. To know which is right for your item, conduct some research. Either survey your potential customers, do a short packaging run to test your ideas, or take a look at the competition’s packaging. If you plan on doing a test run, first think about your market and carefully consider what consumers will be looking for, then select a design.

Make It Appropriate for Retail Outletscandle packaging

Making your packaging appropriate for a retail outlet is important whether you sell your item only in stores, only online, or in a combination of locations. This means that you want the package to work with the place where you plan to sell it. It should be the right size to fit on the shelves of the store and contain the correct amount of products. Bulk packaging, for example, will work at big box stores, but not at smaller grocery stores or convenience stores. If your packaging doesn’t match the retail outlet, storeowners are less likely to put it on their shelves or may just put smaller quantities up, hurting your sales. Do your research ahead of time and scope out the stores when planning your packaging.