Creative Handmade candle Packaging – An Inexpensive approach

candle boxes

Why is handmade candle packaging important? With a lot of competitors it is very important that your candle packaging can grab the attraction of the buyer’s people. Remember that the soaps you make are more expensive than the commercial ones. The difference in cost lies in the extra effort, dedication, time and skill that you have put into making your handmade soaps which are the very reason why your clients buy your products. The best way to get an advantage over the competition is by using creative packaging. There are many ways of packaging the candles, from simple to the stylish, modern and the conventional. Whatever way you choose to pack your candles, it is still matters how much time, care and effort you put on it.

Below mentioned are some candle packaging ideas and you can choose anyone according to what impression you want to convey to your clients:

hand made candle packaging

  • For easy wrapping the candle boxes, you can use the colored Japanese paper. However, you should first wrap your candles in plain white paper because colored Japanese paper have a habit of stain the item especially when in the moisture form.
  • You can go for the various wrapping papers with unique designs to make your candle box more attractive.
  • For the customized candle packaging boxes you can use plain white paper and just stamp it with your company logo.handmade Christmas boxes
  • To make your candle packaging boxes more stylish, chic and awesome you can use different decoration materials like clothes scraps.
  • It is also important to decorate your candle packaging boxes with ribbons and lace.
  • You can design your own tags instead of a plain one for your candle boxes and attach it with a ribbon or string. The second option is to use your business card as a tag.

Above mentioned unique candle packaging ideas will make your candles stand out and will also show the effort and care you put to make the candle boxes more attractive. An eye-catching candle packaging box will definitely have an edge over the competition.


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