Want to Re-Designing Your candle Packaging? 5 tips to follow

candle box

When you have used your candle packaging for many years, it could be the best time to re-design it. In order to grab the attention of new consumers, a new packaging is the 1st requirement of your candles.

Below mentioned five tips will help you to redesign your candle packaging boxes:

  1. Concentrate on the thing that actually Works

Have a look at your current candle packaging box. For how many years you are using it for packing the candles? If you change the candle packaging boxes, would people still recognize your candles? If it is so, then you should go for the small changes that will freshen up the candle box.

candle packaging

  1. Concentrate the things that don’t Work

Have a look at your current candle packaging box and determine what things doesn’t work. Is the candle packaging box is difficult to open? Are the graphics are so boring? Is the color of the candle box is not appropriate? Try to recognize these things before redesign the candle packaging box.

candle packaging

  1. Competitor work

Visit the stores where your candle packaging box is kept for selling and also look at your competitor candle packaging boxes and analyze the main difference between them and also examine the shopper’s behavior for a while. Which type of candle packaging boxes is more stylish for them and why? Also look at the other things such as color, graphics, size, shape, and ease of picking up and holding of the candle packaging.

  1. Target Market

Your re-design candle packaging are also totally dependent on your target market. You have to make sure that your candle boxes is appealing to your target market.

candle packaging

  1. New candle packaging Design

You have followed the above steps and now ready to draft your new candle packaging design. Discuss your thoughts, ideas with your designing team that are important to create a new packaging design for your candles.

Above mention things points will help you in redesigning your candle Packaging boxes effortlessly.


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